Bronco Power BoostAn automatic battery backup power solution for your home.

no gas

Zero Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

no extension
Hassle Free Permanent Installation. No Extension Cords Required

Automatically Turns On Providing Backup Power to Your Home Without Any Noise


Keep your gas appliances ignited

Keep Gas Appliances Ignited

Watch the Houston Life segment which explains how Bronco Power Boost works.

indoor bronco

The Bronco Power Boost Wall Model is suitable for installation inside of your home, or the exterior. This option is preferred by most home owners and builders.

Smart Interior Wall Model
3.6 KW battery

Add up to 3 batteries to to 14.4kwh (up to 3 days)

Turns on automatically | Runs silently in the background

outdoor bronco

The Outdoor Bronco Unit is suitable for installation outside your home.

Smart Outdoor Wall Model
3.6 KW battery

Add up to 3 batteries to extend to 14.4 kwh (up to 3 days)

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Bronco Power Boost - Batteries


To boost energy storage capacity, additional batteries can be added.

Bronco Power Boost now has a powerful 15kwh battery in addition to extra 3.6 kwh batteries to expand coverage.

Other Benefits: By adding extra batteries, you can also connect your gas furnace, extra refrigerator, or medical devices.

Click here to learn more about additional uses for Bronco Power Boost (with video!)


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Automatic | No Maintenance | No Cabon Monoxide | No Noise

Bronco Power Boost turns on automatically during a power outage providing backup power to your home essentials

Everyone loves Bronco Power Boost

“When I first heard about the Bronco, I thought this was the perfect solution for our needs. A quiet, battery-powered standby generator that fits inside your home and powers enough of the house to be comfortable in the event of a power failure. Did not need to get a variance to install a Generac or similar unit and it was half the price installed. Billy, the founder of the company, installed my unit and he was fantastic. We discussed the options for active circuits and within hours we were fully installed and ready to go. What a fantastic option. Every house should have one.”
– Happy Customer

Bronco Special Use

Check out our special use cases for retail and medical.

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Financing Options for Bronco

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