Frequently Asked Questions About the Bronco Power Boost

Your battery-powered, backup power system for a home, office or condo.

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What's the difference between the Bronco Power Boost and a traditional Energy Storage System?

For a gas Energy Storage System, often the installation steps involve something like this:

  • First you have to have a location that is near both your gas line and your electrical box. If there is no location near both, you will incur additional costs to bring one closer to the other.
  • The exhaust from the Energy Storage System has to be at least 10 feet from any window or door. It also has to be on a concrete base; it cannot be on the grass or lawn.
  • You need to take your neighbors into consideration as when running it can sound like a lawn mower.
  • The automatic transfer switch is an additional cost. It is what automatically switches the electricity in your house to the Energy Storage System when power fails, and back to the line power when power is restored.
  • Because of the additional gas volume needed, you might need to have a bigger gas meter installed.
  • You need to get a permit, which you pay for.
  • The cost of installation for the installer is an additional cost and separate from the Energy Storage System and transfer switch.
  • There is an inspection, often occurring before, during and after installation.
  • Annual maintenance is recommended which includes oil, oil filter, spark plugs and air filter change.
  • Approximately every 3-4 years the battery needs to be changed.
  • They have an annual mandatory costly maintenance.

Bronco Power Boost, the installation is simpler and less costly. The steps are usually: 

  • The Bronco Power Boost automatic, on-wall, on-grid, battery backup power system can be installed indoors and outdoors and measures 20x62x6. The Bronco floor model measures 16x17x31.
  • Ventilation, concrete bases and larger gas meters are not required because the unit does not run on gas.
  • User should check with local jurisdiction to see if permit is required.
  • The cost to install the Bronco Power Boost is combined with the electrician’s cost when it is installed with a Bronco Power Boost certified installer.
  • No need to worry about your neighbors because the unit runs quietly.
  • The automatic transfer switch is already included as part of the unit.
  • Maintenance-free.
  • The battery is good for approximately 18 years.

What are the requirements for a basic installation?

The Bronco Power Boost, automatic, on-wall, on-grid, battery backup power system can be installed indoors and outdoors and measures 20x62x6. The Bronco floor model measures 16x17x31. 

Can the Bronco Power Boost be installed if I live in an area where gas Energy Storage Systems are not allowed?

Short answer – Yes! This is the reason Billy Whittaker invented the Bronco Power Boost, so anyone could have access to backup power no matter where they lived in the U.S.

Is the Bronco Power Boost only for houses?

No, it can be installed in condos and businesses too!


Can I install the Bronco Power Boost myself?

There are two ways to install your Bronco:

  1. Work with one of our certified Bronco electrical contractors.
  2. Work with a licensed electrician who is required to seek guidance from Bronco Power Boost.


Who will do the install in my area?

All Bronco installers are electrical contractors that have been certified by Bronco Power Boost. We are currently certifying contractors across the USA to keep up with our growing demand.



How does the Bronco Power Boost work?

How does the Bronco Power Boost get its power?

The Bronco Power Boost is an automatic, on-grid, battery backup power system.

When power is available, the Bronco Power Boost automatically charges the batteries using our preferred method of permanently installed solar panels on your roof. It also automatically charges the batteries with a ground rack, portable plug and play solar panel, and/or the built-in trickle charger.

You’ll have manageable indefinite power when you have the 800 watt permanent roof-mounted solar panels, which provides you the best coverage and best experience.

You can also extend the power of the Bronco during a power outage by installing the portable 180 or 230 watt solar panel or additional batteries.

The solar panel kit is portable and comes in an easy to carry case and plugs into the side of the Bronco Power Boost when needed. Also included is a 15-foot cord. Extensions are available in 15 foot sections; the number of extensions needed will be determined at the time of your installation.

How much does it cost to operate monthly?

The Bronco Power Boost, automatic, on-grid, battery backup power system is fully charged at all times with the permanent solar panels and, because it’s solar-powered, it doesn’t cost you extra to charge it.

If you don’t have the permanent solar panels, then it is charged by an automatic trickle charger and the cost is pennies per month.


How does the Bronco Power Boost supply power during an outage?

The Bronco Power Boost seamlessly integrates with your house’s main panel via an automatic transfer switch. When you lose power, the Bronco Power turns on automatically and quietly and all you’ll notice is a temporary blink of lights.

If you have the permanent on-roof solar panels, you will have manageable indefinite power as the solar panels will recharge the battery.

Without the solar panels, the Bronco will remain fully charged until you have a power outage. When your power is restored, the Bronco Power Boost automatically turns off and will recharge via the built-in trickle charger.

Because it’s powered by electricity, it’s environmentally safe, sustainable and there’s no exhaust or deadly carbon monoxide emissions or ventilation needed.

What items can be powered by the Bronco Power Boost?

The Bronco Power Boost with the 800 watt permanent solar on roof will give you manageable indefinite power.

If that’s not available, you can add the portable plug and play solar panel that will give you approximately 20 additional hours. You can also add up to an additional two batteries for 72 hours of powering your essentials. Without any options, one Bronco Power Boost can provide power to essentials for about 24 hours.

It can power essential 120 volt items:

  • Refrigerator
  • Small television
  • Selected receptacles/wall outlets to power devices such as cellphones, laptop, iPad, etc.
  • Internet/Wi-Fi
  • LED lighting only; user must replace any incandescent light bulbs with LED
  • Garage door opener
  • Security system
  • Igniter for gas furnace, gas-powered hot water and gas cooktop


Will the Solar panel continually keep the charge?

This answer has many variables and the easy answer is that the owner can operate the system many different ways. The power consumption and the wattage of your solar panel are two direct variables that impact whether the solar panel can continually keep the charge. With the full solar roof panels, you have manageable, indefinite power.

Can I add a second battery to the system?

Yes, you can have a total of as many as three batteries which will triple the coverage duration of the originally selected essentials.
About Bronco Power Boost

How big is the Bronco Power Boost?

The Bronco on-wall model measures 20x62x6 and the Bronco floor model measures 16x17x31


How loud is the Bronco Power Boost?

The Bronco Power Boost is silent. It’s one of the first things our customers notice when it goes on during a power outage!


What is the life expectancy of the battery?

Approximately 18 years.



Is Bronco Power Boost available outside the U.S.?

Bronco power boost is currently available in the United States and has distribution in Canada.


What are the terms for the financing?

We offer financing through NEIF – National Energy Improvement Fund, a certified B Corp™. You can visit our NEIF financing page here, fill out the questions and be approved with several options with different rates within hours.

Is this eligible for any tax receipts?

You may be eligible for tax credits with this purchase. Click here for more information.

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