The Battery-Operator Generator.
No Gas. No Cords. No Noise.

How the Bronco Power Boost Works

When your power goes out, the Bronco Power Boost turns on instantly. You don’t have to lift a finger.

The Bronco Power Boost is a battery-operated generator that provides users—both homes and businesses—with a supplemental electrical power source that is 100% automatic.

Seamlessly Integrates With Your House’s Main Panel

When used in a home, the Bronco Power Boost system connects to the house panel via an automatic transfer switch, and is 100% automatic. This means it turns on instantly when needed.

Turns On When The Power Goes Off

The Bronco Power Boost system is kept fully charged until a power outage occurs. If power is lost, the Bronco Power Boost system immediately takes over. All you’ll notice is a temporary blink of lights.

It’s also designed for indoor use only and requires no ventilation. The unit measures 16 inches wide and stands 31 inches tall.

Automatically Powers the Essentials

The Bronco Power Boost system automatically transfers power from a rechargeable battery to essentials without any noticeable interruption in power. Lights stay on. Devices stay on. You’re not left in the dark.

The Bronco Power Boost will run your essentials indefinitely during a power outage with the optional 800 watt permanently installed roof solar kit; we also have a portable solar kit available.

Without the options, the Bronco Power Boost will keep the lights on, your food cold, and your wifi/communication devices up and running for 24-48 hours, depending on how many devices are used and how much energy is consumed.

The battery is kept fully charged by a trickle charger, so it’s always prepared for a power outage.


Don’t Be Left In The Dark!


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