​The Battery-Operated Generator.
No Gas. No Cords. No Noise.

The Bronco Power Boost.
Eco-Friendly, Hassle-Free Energy.

The Bronco Power Boost Is The Smarter, Greener And Hassle-Free Choice

Unlike a traditional gas-powered generator, with a Bronco Power Boost, there’s absolutely no gas needed, no dangerous carbon monoxide emissions, and no cumbersome and unsightly extension cords to run throughout your home.

Clean, Sustainable Energy For Your Home Or Business

Installing a Bronco Power Boost makes more sense than ever before. The state-of-the-art battery storage system provides clean, smart, eco-friendly energy for your home or business.

What’s more, the Bronco Power Boost storage system can be recharged by Mother Nature. It’s the ultimate in environmentally friendly generators. The optional solar panels can harness the sun’s renewable energy while providing you continuous power even in the midst of a power outage.

Recharging Your Bronco Power Boost Is Easy

When your power goes out, the Bronco Power Boost turns on immediately and automatically. It also automatically shuts off when power is returned.

Once your power is restored, the Bronco Power Boost’s batteries automatically charge with a built-in trickle charger.

Automatic turn on, shut off, and recharging, without having to do a thing. Yes, it’s that easy. That’s Bronco Power Boost.

Extend Your Bronco Power Boost’s Power Supply

Designed to be used simultaneously or individually, so you can customize your Bronco Power Boost for your needs and budget. All Bronco units come pre-wired with a plug-in solar port for easy installation.

Solar Power Accessory Kit

Put the sun’s rays to work for you! These 4 x 200 watt permanent roof mounted solar panels will power your essentials indefinitely! Portable solar panels are also available.

The Bronco Power Boost Battery-Operated Generator

  • No maintenance costs
  • Noise-free
  • No exhaust or deadly carbon-monoxide emissions
  • No lot line restrictions
  • Independence from the grid
  • No dependence on gasoline or outside fuel
  • For indoor use only; no ventilation required
  • Able to harness solar polar
  • 2 year full warranty

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