Bronco In-Wall / On-Wall for New Homes and Condos


(sales tax and installation not included)

The new Bronco Power Boost In-Wall battery powered generator, with optional solar capabilities, is the perfect addition to any new home or condo build.

  • Installed directly into any new or existing wall, our In-Wall model provides 24+ hours of backup power to the essential devices that are crucial during a power outage.
  • Add our roof mounted solar panels for managed, indefinite backup power or add a portable solar panel to significantly increase backup power.
  • Essential devices such as LED lighting, refrigerators, Wi-Fi, computers/laptops, cell phones, security systems, TV, gas appliances & garage door openers.
  • Phone app with push notifications included as an introductory offer.

2-year warranty.

Installation fee not included. Installation fees vary depending on geography and level of complexity to install.

Email ( or text (615-484-9498) for a virtual consultation and installation quote.

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