Bronco In-Wall / On-Wall PLUS for New Homes and Condos


(sales tax and installation not included)

The new Bronco In-Wall Power Boost battery powered generator with an added 180 watt portable solar panel accessory kit that adds significantly to back up power and is the perfect addition to any new home or condo build.

Power essential devices such as LED lighting, refrigerators, Wi-Fi, computers/laptops, cell phones, security systems, TV, and gas appliances.

Energy Monitoring System and phone app with push notifications are included as an introductory offer.

Installation fee not included. Installation fees vary depending on geography and level of complexity to install.

Email ( or text (615-484-9498) for a virtual consultation and installation quote.

Don’t get left in the dark!

Bronco In-Wall / On-Wall for New Homes and Condos

Portable 180-Watt Solar Panel



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