Bronco Wall Model


The Bronco Power Boost Wall Model is a battery powered generator that can be installed on, or inside of a wall in your home.  The Bronco Power Boost Wall Model will provide backup battery power for your essentials.

You can rely on your Bronco to keep the lights on, your food cold, and your wifi/communication devices up and running for 24+ hours. The Bronco Wall model is the perfect backup power solution for any existing home or condo, or new home or condo build.

Powering your essentials means you can rely on your Bronco to keep essential devices such as LED lighting, refrigerators, Wi-Fi, computers/laptops, cell phones, security systems, TV, gas appliances, ceiling fans & garage door openers running during a power outage.

There are many add on options available to allow you to extend the battery life of your Bronco Wall Model to provide longer lasting power to your essentials.

To manage power indefinitely during a power outage, we recommend adding 800 watt permanent roof mount solar panels to your home. When you add our 800 watt permanent roof mounted solar panels to your home, you may qualify for up to a 26% tax credit rebate.

If you do not wish to add permanent solar panels to your home, there is also a portable 200 watt solar panel kit available.

In addition to solar options, you can extend the life of your battery by an additional 24 or 48 hours by adding 1 or 2 extra batteries to your Bronco.

Use the Bronco Power Boost for renewable solar, off-grid, mobile and emergency backup power applications anywhere that uses 110 volts AC.

The Bronco Power Boost Wall Model measures 20 inches wide, 6 inches deep, and 62 inches tall. It is ETL listed and conforms to UL standard 9540 and comes with a two-year warranty.

The price of the Bronco Wall Model includes typical installation costs.

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