Permanent Roof Mounted Solar  2 x 400 Watts 


The Bronco Power Boost will run your essentials indefinitely during a power outage when you add the option of permanent roof mount solar. The Permanent Roof Mounted Solar option comes with two 400 watt panels that can be permanently installed on the roof of your home.

These solar panels are installed on the roof and are directly connected to your Bronco Power Boost during the installation process creating a self-contained, independently managed backup power source.  This system will provide you with managed, indefinite power during a power outage. The solar panels are 69″ long and 41″ wide.

When you purchase any Bronco Power Boost and add the permanent roof mounted solar option, you may qualify for up to a 26% tax credit rebate.

The cost of the permanent roof mounted solar includes typical installation.

The permanent roof mounted solar option comes with a 30 year manufacturer’s performance warranty.

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