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No gas. No cords. No noise.

“The Bronco has already benefited me since I got it a month ago. I’m in my 80’s and don’t get around so well anymore and when those sudden storms hit us, I don’t have the time, or energy, to get my portable Energy Storage System ready. Now I can just sit in my recliner and continue watching TV when the power goes out knowing the Bronco will automatically come on!”

Mr. Powers from Aldie, Virginia was our very first Bronco Power Boost Customer. The irony associated with his last name still makes us chuckle.

“I had the Bronco Power installed in my home. Installation was quick, and the demonstration on how to use it and the movable solar panel were also quick and easy to follow. From Bronco I get 24 hours for the electric circuits I need: lighting, computers, phones, fridge and the boiler. With Bronco, it’s automatic and clean. I am happy I purchased it.”

— George G., Leonia, NJ and also another unit at their weekend home in the Berkshires, MA

“To all who are thinking of purchasing a Energy Storage System, I would highly recommend The Bronco. I am an 83 year old woman, living on my own, looking for the peace and comfort of knowing that I would not be impacted by the loss of power to my home. The Bronco affords me that assurance.”

— Marilyn B., Glen Cove, NY

“When I first heard about the Bronco, I thought this was the perfect solution for our needs. A quiet, battery powered standby Energy Storage System that fits inside your home and powers enough of the house to be comfortable in the event of a power failure. Billy, the founder of the company, installed my unit and he was fantastic. We discussed the options for active circuits and within hours we were fully installed and ready to go. What a fantastic option. Every house should have one.”

— Adrian T., Stamford, CT


“We have had two power outages since you installed our unit only three weeks ago. The process of switching over was automatic and flawless; most importantly, it brought me peace of mind.  The product is not the Energy Storage System, the product is long-term peace of mind.”

— MC / Austin Tx

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